Once again we have planted a WROsound forest!

The campaign of the WROsound festival and the Dotlenieni start-up have reached their second edition. We have planted 1,400 tree seedlings in Osobowice in Wrocław.

The idea arose in 2022, after the first year of cooperation between the festival and the Dotlenieni start-up, and was based on their previous experience in working with various environments and industries. At the festival, they act as ecological educators and are responsible for preparing the campaign in which, by scanning QR codes, you can get Virtual Trees, which are then converted into a real seedling. Thus, festival participants have a real influence on the number of trees actually planted, and they can even take part in the planting itself. – For us, the WROsound forest campaign is a natural extension of our current approach to organising a festival which goes beyond certain frameworks of a music event. For three years, we have been trying to implement the less waste philosophy: we limit printing, plastic, we drive electric cars, provide tap water, support sustainable transport, use upcycling, and base the scene design on garbage. And all of this is possible thanks to cooperation with our partners, whom we select very carefully and in accordance with our idea of joint pro-ecological activities. The result is a beautiful development of these cooperations, and a great example is the joint planting of trees, which takes place a few months after the end of the festival – says Daria Kubasiewicz, producer of the festival.

Dotlenieni is a social start-up which has been involved in activities related to broadly understood ecology for many years. They train the youngest people, organise green events for companies and contribute to the local community.  They have been cooperating with the music festival for three years. – The cooperation between Dotlenieni and WROsound is a perfect example of the fact that ecological values can appear in every area of our lives. In this case it was entertainment. Music festival participants could easily get involved in environmental activities by scanning special QR codes placed in urban spaces and at the festival itself. The result over 1,000 trees which we have planted together in Osobowice in Wrocław. We are very happy that ecology is becoming an important element of life for more and more people and companies. The people participating in our events later inspire their friends and family to undertake similar activities. I am sure that together we can have a real impact on the world around us – adds Marek Kołkowski, CEO of Dotlenieni.org

Some of the seedlings are the Virtual Trees from QR codes, the rest were funded by Motorpol Wrocław, a long-time partner of the festival, which is responsible for its zero-emission car fleet.

Photo credit: Alicja Kopiec ​