We just revealed more cards in the line-up!

Melancholic electronica, dense beats, mysterious birthdays and music evoking memories – more artists have joined the WROsound line-up. So far, we have learned about the main stage programme prepared for the first day of the festival and some of the local stage line-up. Now the organisers have filled in some of the unknowns. This year’s line-up of “Tak Brzmi Wrocław” will be closed by Zima Stulecia, i.e. Marek Pędziwiatr and Marcin Rak, who will perform on 14 July. Their music is difficult to classify into genres. It oscillates around melancholic electronic music. For some, it will be techno, others will hear elements of house more often, all accompanied by improvised music for synthesisers and percussion. To their credit, they have a debut album, Minus 30°C. We have also met a sizeable line-up for the second day of the festival. The first artist to appear on the big stage is the band – brodachè, immersed in the mixed waters of electronica, alternative and pop. They like density in the beat and space in the being, in their eclectic live performances they use guitars, synths, flutes and vocals, among other elements. WROsound will also be the venue for a special celebration – all thanks to the 10th birthday of the band – BOKKA. For a decade, the musicians have been surprising us with unconventional approach to their image, lively concerts and stylistic turns – from the nostalgic debut noticed by Pitchfork, through the energetic album Don’t Kiss And Tell, the cosmic Life On Planet B, to the apocalyptic Blood Moon. The band is celebrating the year 2023 with BOKKA HITS 10!. This year’s line-up could not be complete without an electronic music producer. Matt Relton, a.k.a. Kidnap, first gained recognition by winning the iTunes Best Electronic Track award in 2012 for his track Vehl. Constantly experimenting with sound, the artist from Sheffield has quickly created a unique and thoughtful sound. Kidnap consistently creates music that evokes memories. Through the use of vocals, intricate drum lines and melodies, his productions conjure emotions from the depths. This year’s edition of the WROsound festival, organised by Strefa Kultury Wrocław (Culture Zone Wrocław), will take place on 14-15 July on the square in front of the Impart Centre of Arts in Wrocław. In the first pool, we will pay PLN 119 for a single ticket, PLN 209 for a two-day pass. Tickets for the second day of the festival will be on sale from 16 May from 1pm at: www.wrosound.com, www.strefakultury.pl and www.eventim.pl. 14 July: Tricky, Brodka, asthma, Serca, Zima Stulecia, Baby Meelo, Guest Julka 15 July: Kidnap, BOKKA, brodachè, We Draw A, EKHTO, Rycerzyki and many others