Second announcement of WROsound: Bisz, susk, Oxford Drama, imasleep

Rap girl band, unpretentious artists, poetic rap and artpop duo. More artists of the WROsound festival have been revealed.

The Wrocław festival has announced more performers who will join the line-up, which already includes Christian Löffler, Małpa, who will play the entire “Kilka numerów o czymś” album, Lordofon, Kasia Lins and the Jeszcze duo. The event is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, so the programme will include special projects, the return of favourite artists and a strong representation from the local “Tak Brzmi Wrocław” scene.

On the main stage we will also see Bisz. A rapper revered for his literary imagination, fascinated by the works of Gombrowicz and David Foster Wallace, presenting a thoughtful, poetic rap. The artist will be accompanied by a live band consisting of:  Monika Fortuniak, Marcel Witkowski and DJ Paulo. The festival will be opened by susk & slotkakotka123, a rap girl band that is riding the wave of the Generation Z rebellion. Slotkakotka123 is responsible for the fat beats, while susk is responsible for the lyrics on identity, the position of women and queer people in society and mental health crises. The main stage will also feature Wrocław-based artists who presented themselves in the line-up of the “Tak Brzmi Wrocław” stage 3 years ago. Oxford Drama, that is Małgorzata Dryjańska and Marcin Antówka, are preparing to release their fourth album, the successor to the excellently received “What’s The Deal With Time?”. Critics usually describe them as “unpretentious creators”, but they consider themselves more of listeners than musicians. Their concert will open the second day of the festival.

Joining the “Tak Brzmi Wrocław” scene is the imasleep duo, that is two friends brought together by a common creative language and passion. They create art pop, with which they mix different styles. Filip is a self-taught electric, acoustic and bass guitarist. Karol is a singer and lyricist who has been singing since the age of six, although he did not go to any vocal schools. They already have several singles to their credit, including the song “pictures”, which was featured on the soundtrack of the HBO MAX-produced series “BringBackAlice”.

This year’s edition of the WROsound festival, organised by Culture Zone Wrocław, will take place on 19-20 July at the square in front of Impart. Tickets are available at: www.wrosound.com, www.biletyna.pl and www.eventim.pl. Tickets in the first pool are PLN 119 for a single one, and PLN 219 for a two-day pass.

19/07: Małpa plays “Kilka numerów o czymś”, Bisz, Lordofon, susk & slotkakotka123 and more

20/07: Christian Löffler live, Kasia Lins, Oxford Drama, Jeszcze, imasleep and more