Their exuberant concert on the Tak Brzmi Wrocław stage during the WROsound 2022 festival resulted in a “promotion” to the main stage of the next edition – as part of supporting local artists by the organisers. Serca is a band founded by the producers Radek Baranowski and Kamil Jagiełło. At the end of 2020, they invited a rapper and singer, Kowalczyk, who previously worked on solo songs with several recognised producers and debuted with the singles “Zły” and “Strach”. In their songs, the artists combine guitar, indie-rock sounds with electronic, energetic and sometimes melancholic beats which harmonise with Kowalczyk’s melodic rap vocals. After a year and a half of cooperation, a dozen or so songs were created, highlighting both good and the moments, which, paradoxically, are equally necessary to achieve happiness. Ten of these made it onto the album “Ile można gadać o tym samym?”, which was released on March 23 this year by the HEADROOM collective from Wrocław. In terms of sounds, it is a journey between euphoria and melancholy accompanied by alternative melodic rap. The album was warmly received and throughout 2022 the band toured constantly, promoting the new release. They performed, e.g: at Męskie Granie (with a guest appearance by Błażej Król), Lech Polish Hip Hop Festival, Amfiteatr Hip Hop Festival, Great September, wrOFFław and solo concerts. Currently, Serca are working on new, even livelier and bolder material, which will see the light of day in 2023.