First announcement is here!

Trip-hop icon, Brodka’s fabulous dreams and young rap – we met the first artists of the WROsound festival. The headliner of the first day of the festival is Tricky, a living legend of trip-hop, a British singer and music producer. Known to a wide audience for his cooperation with Massive Attack, but also for his colourful solo career, during which the cult album Maxinquaye was created (named after the artist’s late mother). On the WROsound stage, he will be accompanied by our own Marta Złakowska – a singer from Cracow. The duo is currently working on a solo album by the artist, which will be released by Tricky’s label, False Idols. The perfect co-headliner of the evening will be Brodka – a singer, composer, songwriter, music video director, producer and conceptual artist who pays equal attention to the music, text and visual layer of everything she creates. The latest, Polish-language mini-album Sadza shows the very lyrical and intimate side of Brodka. The album’s producer is 1988, who also joined the band for the concerts presenting the new material. Asthma, a young rapper from Biesko-Biała, will take us on an extraordinary „mental trip” with the tracks from his debut album “manifest” and the already announced “new life”. On stage you will hear him accompanied by the band characterised by strong, punk energy. Serca will open the festival. Their lively concert on the stage of Tak Brzmi Wrocław during the WROsound 2022 festival resulted in their promotion to the main stage of the next edition – this is one of the elements of supporting the local artists by the organisers. Serca is a band founded by producers Radek Baranowski and Kamil Jagiełło, who invited the rapper and vocalist Kowalczyk to work with them. The first artist of this year’s edition of the Tak Brzmi Wrocław stage – a project which for two years has been presenting only the local artists (thus referring to the beginnings of the festival) – is Guest Julka, a songwriter, singer and rapper , She describes herself as suspended somewhere between soul and rap. This year’s edition of the WROsound festival, organised by Culture Zone Wrocław, will take place on July 14-15 at the square in front of Impart. Tickets from the first pool will be available at: www.wrosound.com, www.strefakultury.pl and www.eventim.pl from 21 March. Tickets in the first pool are PLN 119 for a single one, and PLN 209 for a two-day pass. 14 July: Tricky, Brodka, asthma, Serca, Guest Julka and others 15 July: TBA