Singer, composer, songwriter, music video director, producer and conceptual artist who pays equal attention to the musical, lyrical and visual aspects of everything she creates. Brodka redefines herself with each subsequent album, drawing from alternative rock, pop, electronic music and the sounds of the mountains which shaped her – she developed her own unique, uncompromising style. She performed at many festivals abroad, such as SXSW, The Great Escape, Sziget, and at the largest of Polish festivals. Her most popular album to date was “Granda”, released in 2010. The uncompromising folk-electronic sounds clearly separated Brodka from her earlier pop repertoire; the album achieved double platinum status, and the artist herself was promoted to the big league. In 2022, her latest Polish-language mini-album “Sadza” was released, showing the extremely lyrical and intimate side of Brodka. The producer of the album is 1988, who also joined the band concerting with the new material.