The laaaaast line-up announcement  

The recent announcement of the WROsound festival brought a Ukrainian electro-folk band and a plethora of local artists to perform on the “Tak Brzmi Wrocław” stage.

The third announcement concludes the line-up for the summer festival organised by Culture Zone Wrocław, which will take place on July 19-20 at the square in front of Impart. This year’s edition takes a look back at the previous ones, due to the festival’s fifteenth birthday. This small anniversary also prompted the organisers to invite several artists who had taken part in earlier editions of the event. Thus, the ONUKA band, which played at the square in front of Impart in 2019, joined the line-up of the big stage. Their sound is an organic mix of electronics, contemporary pop music and Ukrainian folk instruments. ONUKA is the first band to introduce the rich heritage of Ukrainian culture to a wide audience in the context of contemporary music.

The local ‘Tak Brzmi Wrocław’ scene in turn has gained several representatives who will present themselves during both days of the festival. IgnaNaĆwielu is a hip-hop group formed by rappers Jakub ‘Igna’ Ignasiak, Maciej ‘Ćwielu’ Ćwieluch and producer Dominik ‘The.es’ Skwarek, and the common element of the project is the attention to the word, because they find the word itself to be the most interesting part of rap and art. In 2022, they released their first album, “Płyta po Burgerze”. They are currently working on their next album and they presented the first single from the forthcoming release in March this year. villaz, a producer and vocalist from Wrocław,  will treat us to nostalgic electronic music filled with emotions She has the minialbum “how it feels to be 19” to her credit – that is a six-song story, beginning with morning thoughts, a day started with a tablet, moving through the need for attention, evenings spent in a car, and nights spent sighing. villaz’s work is not just about sounds – it is first and foremost about emotions, experiences and moments compressed into one musical whole. BSK is a duo of artists from Wrocław (JAY-K, FIFI), specifically its Biskupin district. They have been hailed as the discovery of the year 2023 by the platforms Turtle Hype and Daily Grind, and the “newonce” magazine has called them ‘diamonds in the rough’. Their musical influences include Tyler the Creator, Pharell Williams and Steve Lacy, but they also have a knack for more electronic sounds like House or UK GARAGE. In their music pieces, they try to speak out loud about the problems, joys and challenges of the younger generation.

Marek Niedzielski, a musical extrovert, will be responsible for the indie atmosphere spiced with guitar interludes. His music is devoid of unnecessary embellishments in order to show us – with representing the reality itself in mind – only the purest of emotions, which are not always perfect. So far, he has released the “Pies” EP and the “Aby do wiosny” album, but his second album will be released later this year. Pola Chobot & Adam Baran constitute of the most interesting voices of Polish alternative music. They create music bordering on alternative and dark pop, and their work is characterised by poetic, powerful lyrics, as well as emotional vocals and unconventional guitars. Their last album “Burza” was released in April this year. To end the second day of the festival, the organisers have prepared a unique afterparty – a concert by the Jeszcze duo and a DJ set performed by naked relaxing.

Tickets for the event are available at: www.wrosound.com, www.biletyna.pl and www.eventim.pl. Tickets cost PLN 119 for a one-day pass, and PLN 219 for a two-day pass. However, on 23 May at 12:00 p.m., additional ‘backyard tickets’ will go on sale, allowing entry exclusively to concerts by local artists at the ‘Tak Brzmi Wrocław’ stage.

19.07: Małpa plays Kilka numerów o czymś, Bisz, Lordofon, susk & slotkakotka123, BSK, villaz, IgnaNaĆwielu

20.07: Christian Löffler live, ONUKA, Kasia Lins, Oxford Drama, Pola Chobot & Adam Baran, imasleep, Marek Niedzielski, Jeszcze & naked relaxing