susk&slotkakotka123 are Poland’s first rap girls band, hip-hop for alternatives, a rebellion of the Z generation. They represent an element that is in short supply in Poland (and especially among domestic rappers) – they bring together queerness and feminism with the roots of the music genre, no matter how unfitting it may seem. slotkakotka123 does not lack an ear for flowing as well as fat beats, or finally crazy frog type remixes. Susk’s lyricism, on the other hand, defies restriction – you can hear both helplessness in the face of the world and a full-on mockery of reality. Susk explores themes of identity, the position of women and queer people in society and mental health crises, using references to literature and pop culture. In 2022, Susk joined the SB Starter campaign, which enabled her to venture into wider seas.