Rycerzyki create melodic, melancholic and ecstatic music that fits loosely into the alternative pop trend and refers to the climate of the 1980s. The band debuted in 2015 with an album titled Rycerzyki under Krakow’s Stajnia Sobieski label. In 2018, Thin Man Records released the band’s second album under the title Kalarnali, very warmly received by the media, including Polityka, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dwutygodnik and Polish Radio Three. Rycerzyki have also been selected by the European showcase network INES in association with Poland’s Spring Break as one of the hundred promising young bands from Europe (INES Talent 2019). The single Czerwiec from the Kalarnali’s album was the song of the day on Polish Radio Three (2018) and the whole album was the album of the week on many different radio stations in Poland. Kalarnali was featured in many lists of the best Polish albums of 2018, among others on Beehype, Bartek Chaciński’s Polyphony blog, T-Mobile Electronic Beats, Music Is, Trzy Szóstki,. As part of an international tour just before Pandemic, the band performed, among others, in Seville, Berlin and Prague. Rycerzyki have appeared at festivals such as Off Festival (2015), Spring Break (2015) and Monkey Week (2019), among others. They have performed as a support band before Canadian band TOPS, Mikromusic, Pustki and before Gaba Kulka bands. August 2021 saw the release of Rycerzyki’s third album Zniknij na zawsze (released on Thin Man Records), promoted by singles titled Duch, Trochę jaśniej, Żar, Pętle and Lew, followed a year later by an album of remixes of the Rycerzyki’s songs Zniknij na zawsze – Remixes, prepared by such artists of the independent scene as Legendary Afrojax, Pejzaż, Jakub Lemiszewski, Kadabra Dyskety Kusaje, Bogdan Sękalski, Ala Zastary, Xamille, Mucks. The release was, among others, the album of the week in Radio Four. The band is currently working on a new album. Rycerzyki perform as a trio, consisting of: Gosia Zielińska (vocals, synthesiser), Karol Jadach (guitar, electronics) and Maciej Pitala (guitar, bass).