ONUKA is a Ukrainian electro-folk band created by Nata Zhyzhchenko, a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, along with Eugene Filatov (THE MANEKEN), a musician, composer, sound producer, and director. ONUKA’s sound is an organic mix of electronics, contemporary pop music, and Ukrainian folk instruments. ONUKA was the first to bring to a wide audience the rich heritage of Ukrainian culture in the context of modern music.

The foundation of the band’s performance program consists of their all-time favorite hits, as well as songs from their latest album, “ROOM”. “ROOM” is the fourth musical album of the band, each song of which is dedicated to the special issues facing Ukrainians in the conditions of war today. A track from the album, “PEREMOHA,” made it to the EQUAL Global playlist with nearly a million subscribers, and ONUKA became a Ukrainian ambassador for Spotify Equal.

“I hope and truly believe that each listening of our music brings us closer to victory, both indirectly and literally, because music unites, heals, saves, donates, and conquers.”— Nata Zhyzhchenko as a Spotify Equal ambassador.