Mark Niedzielski’s sounds first graced our ears in 2019, when the EP titled „Pies” appeared in the music market. Soon, his first full-length album named „Aby do wiosny” was also available. It was this release that defined Niedzielski’s style and showed that surrounded by indie atmosphere spiced with guitar interludes Marek is in his element. Look forward to this Scallywag’s forthcoming album, which will see the light of day later this year!

Marek Niedzielski is a musical extrovert who sometimes finds himself drifting off in a flurry of introverted thoughts. They are his main driving force in creating interesting compositions, which are never lacking thoughtful lyrics and create a relationship between the artist and his listeners that is formed between the lines. His music is devoid of unnecessary embellishments in order to show us – with representing the reality itself in mind – only the purest of emotions, which are not always perfect.