More than two years after the release of their album, Koło, which was well-received by critics and the hip-hop community, the duo Lordofon have unveiled a new album in 2023! Passé is a collection of 12 tracks that seamlessly combine the genre-bending qualities of indie rock, punk and rap. Catchy pop hits with self-ironic, bittersweet and strongly nostalgic lyrics, which are full of references to pop culture in the broadest sense.

Pre-release, in the summer of 2022, the artists had the opportunity to present a sample of material from Passé on festival stages. The material created for the guys’ new album also proved its worth in a club anturage.

The new project is based on the online aesthetic of the 00s and 10s. To work on the album’s communication, the band invited graphic designer Dollar Moda (ĆPAJ STAJL, Szczyl) and photographer Karol Gustav Małecki (Rubens, Daria Zawiałow).