Kasia Lins is a singer, pianist, composer and songwriter. She became popular with her first album released in Poland in 2018 entitled Wiersz ostatni. In 2020, she released her second equally successful album titled Moja Wina, a collection of stories about hell and paradise, helplessness and desire, downs and ups. Moja Wina features an intoxicating instrumental layer, supported by disturbing vocals and choruses. Using sometimes a liturgical dialect, Kasia Lins observes the mania of worship, shares doubts, weaves a tale of powers and weaknesses. The mass character of the music battles with the secular overtones of the lyrics. In July 2020, Kasia Lins published online an innovative performance of Czego dusza pragnie [live show]. The material received great reviews and was very well received by the audience and journalists. Czego dusza pragnie is the first concert-theatre-film event of its kind. An audiovisual experience, a fresh approach to communication with the audience and the form that a live concert can take. To her credit, Kasia Lins has been nominated for the Fryderyk Awards (2019 and 2021), the Onet Cultural Award and the City of Kraków’s O!Lśnienie Award. She is also a laureate of the Grzegorz Ciechowski Award (2020).

After a three-year publishing gap, Kasia Lins returned in 2023 with the single Po trupach do Ciebie. In the atmospheric clip, straight out of an action movie, the artist is partnered by Szczyl. In the second single Do śmierci mamy czas, Kasia treated us to an unobvious duet with a strong and sincere voice of the Polish independent scene, the loudest rock debut of recent years – WalusKraksaKryzys  Although the artist remains faithful to the musical style for which both her fans and the music community have come to love her, it is also clear that this is a new stage in her musical journey. This time, she has come out of the darkness and shown femininity in the form of a femme fatale. The artist’s third album OMEN saw the light of day in October 2023.