The imasleep duo are two friends brought together by a common creative language and passion. They create art pop with which they combine different styles. Karol Kułakowski is responsible for vocals and lyrics, and Filip Kazimierczak for instrumentals and production. They met at the Wrocław School of Modern Music, where they explored the secrets of music production. In this city, they create their music on a daily basis and mainly play concerts there. Filip: self-taught electric, acoustic and bass guitarist –  wrote all the instrumental parts in the duo’s songs. He uses ambient sounds in his songs, which sparked calm and ethereal parts of imasleep’s songs. Karol: vocalist and lyricist. He has been singing since the age of six, although he did not go to any vocal schools. He has created indie-folk, hip-hop and trap songs. He doesn’t confine himself to one genre, as he derives pleasure from creating music.

The young musicians have picked up a common vibe and have been strongly inspired by each other. As a result, they have already released several singles: “rain”, “october” and “cheesy”.  Their previous single “pictures” was featured in the HBO MAX series  –”BringBackAlice”.