A Wrocław headliner and a band who together with their guests will take us back to the 80’s and 90’s. New music propositions of WROsound festival revealed.

The new announcement brought the first headliner who has a lot in common with the festival’s name. Zdechły Osa is an artist from Wrocław who can be called neither a rapper nor a rockman, but in good conscience can be described as one of the most interesting voices of the Polish underground of the end of the second decade of the 21st century.  He has released the album “Sprzedałem dupe” nominated to Fryderyk 2022 in the “Hip Hop Album of the Year” category but it is his unbridled concerts during which you can fall into a pogo that build his phenomenon. For some time we have been looking for a headliner that we could say was ours in Wrocław. There was only one candidate who matched our musical vision – as a matter of fact, Zdechły Osa has been going through our initial booking proposals for a few years now. You could say that this headliner was simply meant for him – says Daria Kubasiewicz from Strefa Kultury Wrocław.

The second artist announced is the band Niemoc. “Notorious debutants” they say about themselves with irony, because although the trio has existed for several years, they are still described as “young talents”. The sound of the band is a combination of modernity with the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s, and energetic guitars and dynamic synthesisers are their trademark. In Wrocław, they will be accompanied by female artists who took part in the recording of their second album “Kilka Najlepszych Dni w Życiu” on stage, we will see Misia Furtak and Kacha Kowalczyk from the duo Coals.

The artists joined the previously announced line-up: Szczyl, the band NANGA, the duo RYSY which will be supported on vocals by Justyna Święs and Michał Anioł, and Janus Rasmussen from the duo Kiasmos The musical direction of each day is slowly emerging – on 15 July we’ll go for rap, on 16 July we’ll put on more electronic music. We like a certain consistency, although at first glance it may seem that we are reaching for artists from completely different genres. The last two spots on the main stage remain to be announced, including the foreign headliner of the second day. Then we’ll reveal the line-up of the Tak Brzmi Wrocław stage, which will feature only local artists – adds the organiser.

This year’s edition of WROsound festival – organised by Strefa Kultury Wrocław – will take place on 15-16 July on the square in front of Impart. Tickets from the first pool are available at: www.wrosound.com, www.strefakultury.pl and www.eventim.pl. A single ticket will cost PLN 89, PLN 158, for a two-day pass.

15 July: Zdechły Osa, Szczyl, NANGA and others

16 July: Janus Rasmussen (Kiasmos) Live, RYSY feat. Justyna Święs & Michał Anioł, Niemoc & guests: Misia Furtak & Kacha Kowalczyk and others