This year’s edition of WROsound Festival presents a line-up inspired mainly by electronic music and rap, and promises additional attractions for participants and fans of the event.

The square in front of Impart will once again be open for business – the organisers of WROsound Festival decided to switch up the format, limit the number of participants to ensure safety and prepare for all possible scenarios concerning government restrictions and guidelines on events. What hasn’t changed is the key to the selection of artists – the line-up still has tons of sophisticated electronic music, great songwriters and artists inspired by rap.

On the first day of the festival we are going to see Meek, Oh Why? – a band drawing inspiration from electronic music, hip-hop and modern jazz. The Coals duo – masters of juggling conventions, as their music combines hip-hop with abstract beats and aesthetics of the 2000s – will also bring their eclectic sounds to Wrocław. If you are in for a dose of lo-fi rap, wait for schafter – author of the most anticipated debut in 2019 . The Syny duo, who announced the end of their career at the beginning of the year, will say goodbye to the Wrocław listeners. The finale brings more electronic sounds – all thanks to the HVOB  duo featuring Anna Müller and Paul Wallner, who bring their hypnotic productions with a touch of melancholy. At WROsound, they will perform live, accompanied by a drummer.

The second day of the festival will feature Baasch, known for hypnotic vocals, dark sound and catchy melodies – author of the acclaimed Noc album. He will be joined by Tomasz Makowiecki, who recently announced his return to regular releases and touring, and Martyna Kubicz, also known as MIN t – Wrocław-based composer, pianist, producer and singer, who is now gearing up to release her second album. The line-up will also feature KAMP! – a band which seeks its roots in techno  music, and their new live show is going to be another step in that direction. The festival will end with Thylacine – French electronic music producer, who is famous for his explosive live acts, in which he uses the saxophone – an instrument he has been playing since he was 6 years old.

The musical emotions are just the beginning of this year’s attractions. The organisers have invited numerous partners, who are going to support environmental activities, offer lifestyle workshops or draw attention to the local music scene. All activities will be presented one by one on the festival’s social media. Get ready – the event is slated to take place on 16-17 July. Tickets for this event will be available from 9 April at 12:00 p.m. – make sure to check, and

16.07: HVOB live, Syny, schafter, Meek, Oh Why?, Coals

17.07: Thylacine, Kamp!, Baasch, Tomasz Makowiecki, MIN t

Tickets: The first pool – 69 PLN for single ticket and 118 PLN for 2-day pass.