This year we are joining forces again with the social start-up, and our joint activities will have an extremely impressive ending. Together with festival participants we will plant a real forest in Wroclaw Osobowice.

Since last year our festival has entered the path of good practice – we try to take eco-friendly measures in production and execution. We’ve already changed quite a few of our festival habits including: reducing printing to a minimum, trying to produce versatile materials, giving away free tap water, reducing plastic usage. In 2022 we want to go one step further and do something that will improve the environment in the long run. Together with and festival participants we will plant a WROsound forest.

What do we owe to trees?

We do not give this question much thought on a daily basis. Whether we live in the countryside or in a large urban area, every day we see dozens or hundreds of trees. They are such an obvious part of our surroundings that we actually don’t pay much attention to them anymore. Of course, everyone is aware that trees produce oxygen, without which life on earth would not be possible.  However, there are a number of equally important functions of trees. Cooling the air, dampening noise, regulating the water cycle in nature, ingredients for medical products, and these are just a few examples – explains the team. The start-up has been involved in activities related to ecology in the broad sense for many years. One of them is creating new green places and planting forests in cooperation with business representatives, local governments and NGOs. Thanks to these initiatives, in 2021 alone they planted more than 130,000 trees throughout Poland.

Oxygenating the city together

Participants of our festival will have the opportunity to purchase a virtual tree, which the Dotlenieni will turn into a real seedling, and then they will be able to take part in the action of planting in Wroclaw Osobowice. – The whole action is tentatively planned for the autumn. Owners of virtual trees willing to plant real ones will receive all details on how to join the initiative from us. For us, it will also be a form of building a festival community, where people are united by their love for music, shared experience of live performances, but also the need to act for a good cause. We believe that with our audience, also in the following years, we will do a lot of good.- says Daria Kubasiewicz, the coordinator of WROsound. All details of the action will be available at and in festival social media.

This year’s edition of WROsound will take place on 15-16 July on the square in front of Impart.