Two charismatic personalities have enriched this year’s festival programme. Ryfa Ri and Dub FX will perform on the Wrocław square in front of Impart.

The announced artists certainly qualify as an “one-man band”, as their skills and interests can be shared by several people. Ryfa Ri and her Elopolo Band will open this year’s WROsound on the big stage at the square in front of Impart. The versatile rapper and dancer also co-creates  the line-ups of WCK and from 2021 – together with WdoWa and Rena – WRR.  Besides, she teaches English and conducts workshops in stage movement. Her latest releases are the EP “ELO POLO” and the album “ELO POLO IDEOLO” – recorded in collaboration with producer Panama.

In turn, Benjamin Stanford aka Dub FX will close the festival as headliner on the second day. His performance is an impressive one-man show – the artist is a street performer and producer, who is famous for creating complex and impressive tracks on his own. Using a variety of vocal methods, he records his voice on devices used for looping and turns it up with sound effects. In the last dozen years or so, Dub FX has sold over 150 000 albums, performed at the biggest festivals, amassed over 200 million views on YouTube, and all this without being on commercial radio or television. In Wrocław, the artist will be accompanied by the master of saxophone – Mr Woodnote.

We will not stop at just the concerts of the already announced bands.  – We have yet to uncover the pages of the “Tak Brzmi Wrocław” stage, hidden in the backyard of Impart. There we fully rely on local bands, thus referring to the festival’s history. On the non-musical side, we continue to follow the less waste path, not only in the production of the event, but also in preparing additional attractions for the participants. During the festival we will launch urban jungle market – a space full of vintage clothes and vinyls, but also workshops on non-waste, reuse and finding patents for living in the urban jungle. A few months ago we ourselves planted a festival installation, the final effect of which we will see on the square in front of Impart – says Daria Kubasiewicz from Strefa Kultury Wrocław.

This year’s edition of WROsound festival will take place on 15-16 July on the square in front of Impart. Tickets are available at:, and

15 July: Zdechły Osa, Szczyl LIVE, NANGA, Ryfa Ri & Elopolo Band

16 July: Dub FX feat. Mr Woodnote, Janus Rasmussen (Kiasmos) LIVE, RYSY feat. Justyna Święs & Michał Anioł, Niemoc feat. Misia Furtak & Kacha Kowalczyk