We are going back to the roots of the event – the second festival stage will feature only artists from Wrocław.

WROsound has been an outdoor festival for only three years, but it has been a part of the Wrocław music stage for much longer – since 2008. The first editions of the event focused exclusively on Wrocław-based artists, but as it usually goes, as we grew, we have had new and fresh ideas for the programme. That is why in 2019, just 11 years after the first WROsound, we could listen to Michael Kiwanuka, SOHN and ONUKA in front of Impart. This year, however, we are going back to our roots with an additional stage – The Sound of Wrocław. Its programme comprised the ideas suggested by the representatives of the Shuffle series, the Tak Brzmi Miasto crew and the festival itself.

On Friday,  as part of Shuffle series – meetings revolving around music, organised at Barbara by Wrocław Culture Zone, we will learn the ins and outs of the work of Wrocław’s DJ collectives, during talks about inspirations, interesting stories, musical examples and samples of their capabilities. Over the course of two days, we will listen to the representatives of Acidtropicália, regime, Wkurvv, outlines and K-HOLE TRAX. On Saturday, musical stories and tasty sets will be complemented by concerts.  The Tak Brzmi Miasto crew selected a representation made up of four local bands, as the team responsible for the largest development programme for musicians and managers in Poland. We will have the opportunity to see KAIRO, Follow Rivers, Filip Mizia and Monsieur Premiere. The finale will feature Oxford Drama, who recently released their third studio album What’s The Deal With Time? – the festival concert will be the opportunity for the residents of Wrocław to listen to this material live.

Admission to the events on The Sound of Wrocław stage, which will be located in the backyard of Impart, is free of charge. A detailed schedule will be available soon at www.wrosound.com. You can still buy tickets for the main stage concerts – the square in front of Impart will feature: HVOB live, Thylacine, KAMP!, Baasch, schfter, Syny, Meek, Oh Why?, Tomasz Makowiecki, Coals and MIN t. WROsound Festival will take place on 16-17 July and – in addition to musical thrills – it will offer numerous additional attractions. Many partners have been invited to co-organise the event, support pro-ecological activities, offer lifestyle workshops and run special zones.

Tickets: www.wrosound.com, www.strefakultury.pl, www.eventim.pl.