We’re starting out with a lot of electronics with live instruments and a bit of hip-hop. Meek, Oh Why?, Thylacine and MIN t join the line-up of this year’s edition of the WROsound Festival.

17 July

Meek, Oh Why?, which often draws inspiration from electronic music, hip-hop and modern jazz – will come to Wrocław to promote their new release – Zachód.

This time, singer Mikołaj Kubicki and his band will offer us futuristic synth sound combined with intriguing lyricism, which together form a new face of music balancing between rap and alternative pop.

18 July

The second day of the festival will feature Thylacine, French electronic music producer, who is famous for his explosive live acts, in which he uses the saxophone – an instrument he has been playing since he was 6 years old. He records his albums while travelling. His debut release Transsiberian came to be on a train between Moscow and Vladivostok, and the second one – Roads – in an aluminium trailer turned into a recording studio, which he took on a journey to South America.

The second part of the announced line-up also features Martyna Kubicz, also known as MIN t – Wrocław-based composer, pianist and singer, currently living in Berlin. During her concerts, she sings and plays a pair of keyboards, synthesizers and controllers, constantly shocking the audience with effects and musical diversity. Her latest single – No One Else – illustrated by a music video created in cooperation with Lumikko is an announcement of the artist’s new releases.

The announced artists will join WOODKID, who is slated to play the final concert of the festival in Społeczny Square on 19 July. Tickets for this performance and 3-day tickets for concerts taking place from 17 to 19 July are already available. What is more, soon you will also be able to purchase 2-day passes and single-day tickets for 17 and 18 July.

You can find out more at www.wrosound.com