An electronic project with two Grammy nominations, a new line-up on the Polish music market and one of the best vocals of the Polish alternative scene. Tycho, Biały Tunel and Baasch join the line-up of the WROsound Festival.

17 July

Tycho – Scott Hansen’s electronic project, who will present his creations in Wrocław in a live version is the second headliner of this year’s edition of WROsound.  Join us to see the full concert line-up promoting Hansen’s latest release – Weather, including Zac Brown on bass and guitar, Rory O’Connor on drums, Billy Kim Saint on keyboards, guitar and bass, as well as Saint Sinner – also known as Hannah Cottrell – the first singer in the Tycho project. According to Hansen himself, Weather is the crowning achievement of 13 years of his career as a musician. The album was nominated for the Grammy Award in the Best Electronic Album category. The new single Outer Sunset will be a part of Tycho’s forthcoming album, Simulcast, to be released on February 28th.

Biały Tunel exudes energy created by the clash of three musical electrons: Piotr Szmidt (Ten Typ Mes), Bartosz Tkacz and Bartek Pietrzak (Szogun). The eclecticism emanating from their music is the result of joint creative search of a rapper, jazzman and hip-hop producer. The artists take their listeners on an uncompromising journey through the world of nightclubs, film memories of the 1990s and intimate stories, accompanied by wind instruments. During the concert, Biały Tunel will present fresh material, as well as songs from Mes’ repertoire in new arrangements and renditions, all accompanied by custom visualisations, created with the artists in mind.

18 July

The second day of the festival will feature Baasch – singer, producer, composer and songwriter, famous for his mesmerising voice, dark sound and catchy melodies. Both of his studio albums released by NEXTPOP enjoyed great reviews and were ranked among some of the best Polish albums in numerous rankings summing up previous years.

To date, the current line-up features:

17 July


HVOB live


Meek, Oh Why?

Biały Tunel


18 July




19 July

Final concert: WOODKID

Tickets for the final concert and 3-day passes for concerts taking place from 17 to 19 July are already available. What is more, soon you will also be able to purchase 2-day passes and single-day tickets for 17 and 18 July.