Merging electronic music with classic song structures into a smart and captivating listening enjoyment. That’s Yeah But No’s objective. The duo from Berlin is comprised of techno producer Douglas Greed and singer Fabian Kuss. The former made a name for himself in the techno scene and recently released an album together with Mooryc with their mutual project Eating Snow. Meanwhile Kuss gained experiences in all imaginable styles of music.

The two get to know each other four years ago when Greed was looking for a singer for his tracks. Tasteful success label Freude am Tanzen releases his music during that time and he tours through Europe, plays in Mexico and Australia. In Fabian Kuss he finds the matching counterpart. Not only has he studied voice but also stood on stages all across the country and explored musical styles from jazz to funk and pop with his bands.

After one hundred gigs in national and international clubs and on festivals as well as the release of a dozen of tracks together – among others on BPitch Control, Noir and Cocoon Records – both decide to let the project grow into a band and start writing tracks together.

This is how Yeah But No is born. “Hold It All Back” offers a first glimpse. The debut album will be out in autumn 2017. Meanwhile the band will play live.

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