Syny is a duo established by producer 1988, as well as rapper and producer Robert Piernikowski.

They made their debut in 2015 with Orient, released on the Latarnia Records label, which provoked numerous debates and controversies among the listeners. “You won’t get it – it’s gonna be bad” warns Piernikowski in the self-titled track on Syny’s first release, which is also the key to understanding the band’s philosophy.

The duo continues its philosophy on their second album. Released in 2018, the album Sen (Latarnia Records) is also the fourth instalment of the Syny Saga, preceded by two solo releases by members of the duo: Piernikowski – No Fun and 1988 – Gruda. The latest addition to the saga is Piernikowski’s solo album The best of moje getto.

The album opens with “Nag Champa” – a short parable about going to the other side, a theme well-known in pop culture from works such as Wolfgang Petersen’s Neverending Story. This song, which takes its name from popular Indian incense, is a kind of a gateway to the world of Syny’s fairy tale, which we discover during listening to Sen. It is kind of a collection of stories about friendship, love, hatred, longing, vicissitudes of fate, adventures and meditations of the world, where simple fates of the characters become lyrical myths.

The Syny duo focuses on the atmosphere, and their visionary productions do not leave anybody indifferent, because Syny is an emotional phenomenon, which is evidenced by their unique concerts, shrouded in their particular aura.

In early 2021, the Syny duo announced the end of their career via Facebook; however, this won’t stop them from playing – probably – one of their last live performances at our festival.