London-based songwriter and electronic musician Toph Taylor started releasing music as SOHN in 2012, beginning with a few tracks online that eventually led to a 12″ on the Aesop label called The Wheel. SOHN’s sound melded soulful singer/songwriter fare with abstract electronic beats, gaining immediate acclaim and plenty of press exposure. He was quickly signed to 4AD, which released several singles leading up to debut album Tremors, released in April of 2014. Prior to the album’s release, Taylor worked on remixes and other various collaborations with artists like Rhye and Lana Del Rey. For his sophomore studio album, 2016’s Rennen, Taylor took a more concise approach, preferring to highlight the vocal and melodic elements by utilizing fewer layers on every track. In early 2018, ahead of his European tour, Taylor issued a pair of moody, downtempo singles, “Hue” and “Nil.”