Summer partisan event featuring both music and food. The original editions of Rap Szalet took place on warm Sunday afternoons on the Odra River, near the old German outhouse. Inspired by New York’s block party, since 2011 the event has become a permanent part of Wrocław’s outdoor event calendar. Rap Szalet is a feast for ears – thanks to a good selection of rap bangers, served by friendly DJs, as well as for the palate, thanks to home-made grilled hamburgers. It has a simple, street formula. It’s a grass-roots initiative, with no sponsors, offering only all hand-made stuff. An initiative of ordinary guys and girls, who are not pretending to make great art, but instead they do something cool for the local community. There’s no place for showing off, building large stages, putting up fences between the artists and the audience or fencing the area. Everyone comes together to celebrate a summer afternoon in the urban jungle in a wide circle of friends.