A cultural phenomenon, one of those that are born in the shade of backyards and beyond the mainstream. They resemble the negatives of star rap projects – Oskar and DJ Steez immerse themselves without compromise in the worlds of the 80s, as in the case of Art Brut Mixtape, which was surprising thanks to its total reliance on samples from Polish music of those times. In 2016, PRO8L3M debuted with a long-awaited, full-fledged LP, which earned its gold status within a month and platinum within a year. The latest release entitled Ground Zero Mixtape is a musical return to the growth in the 1990s. Techno and breakcore in 70 BMP, as well as trance inspirations transformed into dirty, rap tracks. Much has been written about the controversy and wild, raw power of the project, but it is best summed up with a quote from Screenagers’ review, which reminds us of the sincerity of Oskar’s monologues: “The simplicity and the unobtrusive poetry of this line sends shivers down the spine, and Miron Białoszewski the hooligan smiles with appreciation, looking at it all from the tallest balcony of the Parnassus.”