While others try to be flashy in order to ensure their success on local or international stages, this band consistently sticks to their path they have chosen at the very beginning of their journey, taking every step at their own unhurried pace. What’s the outcome? Instead of a garish and trendy group that would fade into obscurity in a year or two, Oxford Drama – who are still young in terms of stage experience and the age of its founders – created a style that would be hard to confuse with anybody else’s, which they used as a foundation for one of the most valuable discographies in Polish music of recent decades.


The sound of the duo, from the moment of their debut is filled to the brim with ambitious and universal lyrical layer, where everyone has a chance to find a piece of themselves – and we are not being facetious here! After two well-received albums – In Awe (2015) and Songs (2018), it was time to write another chapter in the Wrocław band’s history. The third LP released by Oxford Drama was entitled What’s The Deal With Time?


At times, Oxford Drama ‘s latest album feels like an understanding friendly pat on the back. Other songs feel like a deep, bittersweet conversation that results in a consensus even if it involves difficult things. What’s The Deal With Time? is an album that is filled with some yet unnamed philosophy of slow indie or comfort music, which expects and demands nothing from anyone, but gives a sense of freedom and acceptance – maybe even epiphany? The work that Gosia Dryjańska and Marcin Mrówka did on their third album is almost therapeutic in nature. This music wants to take the listener’s dilemmas off their shoulders. There is no need or reason to run away from it.