“Notorious debutants”, they say about themselves with irony, because although the trio Niemoc has existed for 7 years, they are still described as “young talented” The sound of the band is a combination of modernity with the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s. Energetic guitars and dynamic synthesisers are their trademark, which is best seen at concerts.

Niemoc performed at, among others, Open’er Festival, Hungarian Sziget, OFF Festival, Nowa Muzyka and supported, among others, M83, Kamp! On the web, you can find their sessions recorded for Boiler Room, Sofar Sounds or Pegasus, among others.

In Wrocław, they will be accompanied by female artists who took part in the recording of their second album “Kilka Najlepszych Dni w Życiu” – on stage, we will see Misia Furtak and Kacha Kowalczyk from the duo Coals.