NANGA is a band that has been brought to life by Filip Różański and Maciej Dzierżanowski, i.e. Lao Che, keyboardist and drummer.
They invited the saxophonist and keyboardist Karol Gola (also Lao Che) and Magda Dubrowska (Gang Śródmieście, Utrata Skład) to collaborate.

Filip Różański recalls the beginnings of work on the debut album Cisza w bloku in the following way: “When I started wondering how and when NANGA came into being, I realised that it must have always been there, it only needed to be discovered. Everything that eventually led to this album happened spontaneously and without a preconceived plan. We only planned to release an EP with four stylistically different songs, with four different vocalists. When Magda appeared and we heard her lyrics and voice, everything became clear – this girl has to stay with us for longer… “.

Maciej Dzierżanowski adds: “Together with Filip we perform in a role completely new to us. NANGA is our child, born in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration, experience and passion. Together we are heading in an unknown direction full of fears, uncertainty, but also hope for a brilliant adventure”.

As Magda Dubrowska recalls:
“One day I got a message on massenger from Maciek and Filip asking me if I would like to do one song with them. We didn’t even know each other then. Of course I agreed, because I really like such adventures. And the song they sent me inspired me straight away. That same night I started writing the lyrics. When I came to Włocławek a month later to record the song, we met in person. And it sparked”.

The band gives concerts in the following line-up:
Magda Dubrowska – vocal, bass, sampler
Karol Gola – sax, flute, keyboards
Maciek Dzierżanowski – drums, sampler
Filip Różański – keyboards, sampler, vocal