MIN t is a stage name of singer, songwriter and producer Martyna Kubicz, born in 1994 in Wrocław. She first gained popularity in Poland with the 2016 release of Turn The Lights Down. Her single Goodbye to the Lullaby quickly became a hit of the Polish underground club scene. Her music can be described as experimental neo-soul, which she combines with minimal-electro and pop, always trying to break the mould of the genre. She decided to go with this way of thinking about sound in her early school years when she discovered her love for the free form of jazz music. MIN t ignores musical boundaries, instead offering her listeners an original creative vision – including during live performances.

Martyna Kubicz’s musical career began at the age of seven when she started playing the piano, just because she wanted to. She soon began learning at school, focusing on classical music, but this hardly satisfied her curiosity. With time, she discovered her love for jazz, which proved to be a gateway to artistic freedom. During this time she also discovered her voice – another instrument and way of expressing herself.

At the age of 20 she moved to Berlin, where she completed her studies at the BIMM music school. After nearly three years spent touring Europe and Poland, as well as the 2016 self-released Turn the Lights Down EP, the Wrocław-based composer, producer, pianist and singer is taking the most important step in her career to date. In late fall of 2017, the artist’s first full-length album – Assemblage was released on the independent Regime Brigade label. This unique material is an extremely mature and incomparably rich collage of poignant neo-soul, hypnotic downtempo, experimental hip-hop, dark electronics deeply rooted in the IDM tradition, live drums and distorted guitars. The album was hailed as one of the best Polish releases of 2017 according to Gazeta Magnetofonowa, Onet, Soundrive and more. Martyna also won an honourable mention in the Sanki poll by Gazeta Wyborcza, ranking second in the debut of the year category – the Polish equivalent of BBC Sound Of.

The latest singles by MIN t – Start Dancing and Rhythm of Your Blues  constitute the next stage of her artistic journey and evolution of her sound. Second album is coming soon.