Meek, Oh Why? is a band of five, characterised by its unique sound, balancing between the influences of electronic music, hip-hop and modern jazz. Using rapped lyrics and unbridled musical perspectives, during their concerts, the band takes their audience on extreme journeys, where they can find cohesion and consistency between all the presented elements – from lyrical and mysterious exploration, through pure elemental energy exploding on stage. The band’s frontman – Mikołaj Kubicki, who’s responsible for the musical and lyrical entirety of the music – is its singer and trumpeter. Apart from him, the band’s line-up comprises: Mateusz Hulbój (vocals, live electronics), Wawrzyniec Topa (bass, bass synths), Maciej Porada (piano, live electronics), Karol Szczygieł (drum pad, crash, live electronics).

Zachód is the third and most ground-breaking album released by Meek, Oh Why? to date. The futuristic synth sound combined with Mikołaj’s intriguing lyricism and exceptional vocal lightness makes up a hypnotic whole, which opens up a new face of music, which balances between hip-hop and alternative pop. The album is promoted by music video for the title single, directed by Olga Czyżykiewicz and shot by Adam Romanowski, with guest appearances of Sara and the Hyper Son trio. Zachód was released on 21.11.2019 by Asfalt Records.