LUSHY! or the trio composed of Karolczyk, Akerman and Rup. The foundation of their music is a solid groove and spacious sounds, in the background of which the story is told with melody. The band experiments with many genres but always bases its compositions on live instruments. The band’s history dates back to the period of music school and improvised sessions with the guitar, bass and drums, which took place in their hometown of Wałbrzych.

After a few years, already in Wrocław, they set about recording a joint material with their experience and a bank of ideas. They invited colleague and producer Radek Baranowski to collaborate on it and various vocalists.

The trio debuted in October 2021 with the song Luscious Mind, created in collaboration with singer WERA. The song was well received by listeners and echoed on radio stations across the country. Another single released in April this year was World of Yours.

The track features vocals by EEMEE, i.e. Szymon Paduszyński – associated, among others, with the groups Neony, Jamal, also a member of Krzysztof Zalewski’s band. Both songs were accompanied by video clips directed by drummer Konrad. The singles promote the band’s summer 2022 release.