Serca is a production duo from Wrocław, created by Radek Baranowski and Kamil Jagiełło. In their songs, the artists combine, among other things, indie/punk-rock sound with trap, energetic beats. In April 2021, they released their debut EP entitled Egzotyczne Sny (Exotic Dreams), created together with the singer – Antonina, with whom they won the Young Talents Festival in Szczecin in October 2021, and appeared on various stages in Poland and Germany.

To collaborate on the full-length album, they invited rapper and vocalist Kowalczyk, who has spent the last few years working on solo tracks with several established producers and debuted singles Zły (The Bad One) and Strach (Fear) on the Kstyk channel.

As a result, over a year and a half, a dozen songs were written, celebrating both the better and the worse moments, which paradoxically are equally necessary to achieve complete happiness.
Ten of them made it to the album entitled Ile można gadać o tym samym? (How long can you talk about the same thing?), which was released on 23 March this year by the Wrocław HEADROOM collective.