Jacek Sienkiewicz has undoubtedly been one of the pioneers and most important figures of the Polish electronic scene over the last two decades. Starting with early acid and rave sounds, recently he started turning towards advanced sound experiments. The artist released several albums and more than 50 singles on vinyl, ranging between standard party techno productions and abstract ambient impressions. The artist has always been following his own path by developing his unique, distinctive sound that transcends the dominant trends on the market. Since 1999 he has been running his own label — Recognition – where he discovers and promotes unique Polish artists.

Jacek also created numerous pieces and remixes released on other European labels and has collaborated with many renowned artists, including Ricardo Villalobos, Max Loderbauer and Atom TM, with whom he regularly records and performs.

In recent years, Jacek has also been developing a variety of his interdisciplinary projects, such as improvised concerts, installations and innovative video works, as well as experimental compositions referring to contemporary music, including reinterpretations of works by composers associated with the famous Polish Radio Experimental Studio.