Coals, or Katarzyna Kowalczyk and Łukasz Rozmysłowski, enjoy international popularity as one of the most popular Polish duos. The name of the band clearly alludes to Silesia, famous for its coal mines. The prestigious British magazine The Quietus described their music as “dreamy ethereal pop, drawing both from electronic music and elements of folk.” To date, the band has released an acclaimed debut album Tamagotchi, which opened a number of doors to concerts at various festivals, including Reeperbahn, Primavera Sound and Eurosonic, as well as a session recording for the legendary KEXP Radio during Iceland Airwaves. In spring of 2019 Coals released the Klan EP, featuring Piernikowski and Schafter, among others.

Their new material confirms that Coals are masters of juggling conventions, as their music combines hip-hop with abstract beats and aesthetics of the 2000s. The latest release features collaborations with Piernikowski (Syny), schafter, Bella Ćwir, Dianka and Kubi Producent. The sequel to this eclectic album is expected to hit the shelves in early 2020, released by the [PIAS] Poland and Eastern Europe label. sleepwalker and  pearls are the first singles promoting the new album.