Marek Jeżyna lives in Iceland, although he hails from Wrocław. He has been active on music stage since 2004 as a founder of Hush Hush Pony – a once-popular house collective which collaborated with the Przybysz sisters, among others. A hearing care professional by trade, he is also a passionate ethnologist and traveller. Collector of cassettes. His Radio Yugoslavia 78-89 project – a radio broadcast based on tapes found at Balkan marketplaces – was featured by multiple radio stations and enjoyed great popularity. Founder of Gusua Records – a label which operates according to the manifesto: 1. Not all sounds are made naturally, but all sounds are natural. 2. Every sound medium is an instrument. 3. Even if electricity will be gone, we will still create.
Club Alpino was born out of combination of all his hobbies and interests as a plunderphonic collage of field recordings from his travels, the sound of traditional and ethnic instruments, cassette loops and analogue synthesisers passed through guitar effects. The performances by Club Alpino are usually improvised, but their performance at WROSound is going to be different. For the first time we will be able to listen to selected material from both albums: Woouldy and Tunga, as well as new compositions.

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