Biały Tunel exudes energy created by the clash of three musical electrons: Piotr Szmidt (Ten Typ Mes), Bartosz Tkacz and Bartek Pietrzak (Szogun). The eclecticism emanating from their album is the result of joint creative search of a rapper, jazzman and hip-hop producer. The artists take their listeners on an uncompromising journey through the world of nightclubs, film memories of the 1990s and intimate stories, accompanied by wind instruments. All these efforts led to a new quality that would be difficult, if not impossible, to actually pigeonhole, as the album offers some space for various kinds of electronic music, hip-hop, as well as deliberate kitsch. Biały Tunel features more than 10 tracks, featuring prominent and unusual guests, including a top artist from Ukraine. During their concert, the artists are going to present the material by the new band, as well as Mes’ songs in new arrangements and renditions, all accompanied by custom visualisations, created with the artists in mind.