Bisz was born in Bydgoszcz. At the beginning of his musical journey, he was involved with local rappers. Together with Rafał “Oer” Skiba and Karol “Kay” Tomas, he founded B.O.K.. The band was later joined by Paweł “DJ Paulo” Molenda, as well as Marcin Bartyna (guitar), Michał “Bromba” Lutrzykowski (bass guitar), Arkadiusz “Pestka” Wiśniewski (drums) and Łukasz “Syluch” Sylwestrzak (violin). In 2007, Bisz started working with music producer – Kosa, with whom he released a mini-album entitled “Zimy”. The album gained popularity in the artistic underground. A year later, together with B.O.K, he released the unlicensed album “Ballady, hymny, hity”. The album was placed 5th in the ranking of the Spinner website –”Nielegal Roku 2008″. The next album of the Bisz – Kosa duo was “Idąc na żywioł”. B.O.K went on to record the second unlicensed album “Raport z walki o wartość”. The band then signed a publishing contract with My Music. The result of the cooperation was the album “W stronę zmiany”, released in 2011, which reached the 44th place on the OLiS list. A year later, Bisz’s debut album entitled “Wilk chodnikowy” was released and gained the status of a golden record. B.O.K’s next album, “Labirynt Babel”, reached number 1 on the OLiS list.

Bisz, appreciated for his literary imagination, is invited by many artists to cooperation – including Miuosh, Vixen, Tau, Vienio and Sarius. He began a longer collaboration with an artist at the opposite musical pole, the excellent lyricist – Radek Łukasiewicz, creating the duo Bisz/Radex. For their jointly released album – “Wilczy Humor” – they were nominated for a Fryderyk Award. In 2020 Bisz released the album “Blady Król” – a conceptual set of stories about the difficult aspects of human fate. Alternative rap, poetic, intelligent, reflective – this is how Bisz’s works are commonly described. The rapper himself makes no secret of his fascination with the works of Gombrowicz and David Foster Wallace. In his texts, he reflects on man’s entanglement in the laws of capitalism, media mediation and the pursuit of success. He tries to find the limits of freedom and individualism, and reflects on loss and transience. The reality in his eyes is as if taken out of a Kafka novel – it makes no sense to seek an escape from it. On the other hand, respite can be found in noticing the everyday life and an attempt to accept one’s fate. Reality is a construct. Bisz tells it like it is and his analysis of modernity is devoid of comforting fictions and naive excitement. Capturing chaos in the form of songs brings temporary relief. The truthfulness, rawness and calmness of the beat bring temporary relief. Is that not enough? Perhaps that is all that music can give.



susk&slotkakotka123 are Poland’s first rap girls band, hip-hop for alternatives, a rebellion of the Z generation. They represent an element that is in short supply in Poland (and especially among domestic rappers) – they bring together queerness and feminism with the roots of the music genre, no matter how unfitting it may seem. slotkakotka123 does not lack an ear for flowing as well as fat beats, or finally crazy frog type remixes. Susk’s lyricism, on the other hand, defies restriction – you can hear both helplessness in the face of the world and a full-on mockery of reality. Susk explores themes of identity, the position of women and queer people in society and mental health crises, using references to literature and pop culture. In 2022, Susk joined the SB Starter campaign, which enabled her to venture into wider seas.



Jeszcze features Klaudia and Patryk, siblings from a small Masurian village (as of recently, they can already be counted as part of Wrocław’s music scene), who started making music in 2019. After quiet, synth-pop beginnings, the duo decided to experiment more boldly with stronger and definitely more club-oriented electronic music.

Moving, ephemeral vocal and Polish, romantic lyrics subtly combined with strong bass, nostalgic melodies and a fast pace have become the band’s ticket to first festival stages and sold-out clubs. They themselves are convinced that this is only the beginning of their musical adventure and the best things are soon to come.

In 2023 they released a superb album Z tb na mieście and they are currently working on new songs, which will certainly be heard on our stage.



Kasia Lins is a singer, pianist, composer and songwriter. She became popular with her first album released in Poland in 2018 entitled Wiersz ostatni. In 2020, she released her second equally successful album titled Moja Wina, a collection of stories about hell and paradise, helplessness and desire, downs and ups. Moja Wina features an intoxicating instrumental layer, supported by disturbing vocals and choruses. Using sometimes a liturgical dialect, Kasia Lins observes the mania of worship, shares doubts, weaves a tale of powers and weaknesses. The mass character of the music battles with the secular overtones of the lyrics. In July 2020, Kasia Lins published online an innovative performance of Czego dusza pragnie [live show]. The material received great reviews and was very well received by the audience and journalists. Czego dusza pragnie is the first concert-theatre-film event of its kind. An audiovisual experience, a fresh approach to communication with the audience and the form that a live concert can take. To her credit, Kasia Lins has been nominated for the Fryderyk Awards (2019 and 2021), the Onet Cultural Award and the City of Kraków’s O!Lśnienie Award. She is also a laureate of the Grzegorz Ciechowski Award (2020).

After a three-year publishing gap, Kasia Lins returned in 2023 with the single Po trupach do Ciebie. In the atmospheric clip, straight out of an action movie, the artist is partnered by Szczyl. In the second single Do śmierci mamy czas, Kasia treated us to an unobvious duet with a strong and sincere voice of the Polish independent scene, the loudest rock debut of recent years – WalusKraksaKryzys Although the artist remains faithful to the musical style for which both her fans and the music community have come to love her, it is also clear that this is a new stage in her musical journey. This time, she has come out of the darkness and shown femininity in the form of a femme fatale. The artist’s third album OMEN saw the light of day in October 2023.



Christian Löffler’s art is heavily inspired by his environment. He lives and works, both as a painter and musician, in the remote Darss Peninsula in Germany’s north-east and his atelier can be found within a rustic log cabin surrounded by overgrown wilderness over-looking the Baltic Sea. The area has provided him with the solitude necessary for his highly introspective work, while at the same time influencing him via its rugged landscapes in a continuous creative dialogue between artist and nature. This bucolic seclusion, tranquil by nature and intense in nature, has defined Löffler’s body of work, both visual and musical, throughout the years. Following his debut in 2012, A Forest, Löffler launches his second album Mare in 2017. Every bit of his environment can be felt, and literally heard in Mare, which is based on the field-recordings of his atelier. The result, a highly organic voyage through his nature-abundant residence and workplace.

In 2019 Löffler continues to draw on the importance of his physical surroundings as inspiration. Named after the town he resides in, Graal, contains music that was created in a period where Löffler was constantly away on tour – sketches of melodies written on the road. The resulting six tracks on the album have a minimal and focused feel, given by the back-to-basics approach Löffler took when working on these rough ideas. It was followed by Lys, which serves as a sequel and contrast to Graal, its predecessor. The idea is for the whole project to have an organic dichotomy – while Graal was created on the road (Löffler likens it to a travel diary), the follow up is a classic studio album, created in his home recording space. Lys, however, captures something even more fundamental in nature: light. Both albums were also accompanied by Löffler’s own art; a series of hand-drawn monochromatic sketches and paintings that served as inspiration for the music.

In 2020 invited by the world’s leading classical music label, Deutsche Grammophon, Löffler reworked pieces by Beethoven, as well as other legendary German classical music composers such as Wagner and Bach, to create his latest album Parallels. By breathing new life into classical compositions, Parallels invites a new generation of music-lovers to discover the rich heritage of classical music as well as explore Deutsche Grammophon’s historic archives. In April 2024, the king of melancholic electronic music will release his next album, A Life.



More than two years after the release of their album, Koło, which was well-received by critics and the hip-hop community, the duo Lordofon have unveiled a new album in 2023! Passé is a collection of 12 tracks that seamlessly combine the genre-bending qualities of indie rock, punk and rap. Catchy pop hits with self-ironic, bittersweet and strongly nostalgic lyrics, which are full of references to pop culture in the broadest sense.

Pre-release, in the summer of 2022, the artists had the opportunity to present a sample of material from Passé on festival stages. The material created for the guys’ new album also proved its worth in a club anturage.

The new project is based on the online aesthetic of the 00s and 10s. To work on the album’s communication, the band invited graphic designer Dollar Moda (ĆPAJ STAJL, Szczyl) and photographer Karol Gustav Małecki (Rubens, Daria Zawiałow).



This year marks the 15th anniversary of the premiere of Małpa’s debut album, entitled Kilka numerów o czymś, which featured such hits as Paznokcie, Miałem to rzucić or Pozwól mi nie mówić nic. On this occasion, the rapper from Toruń will perform a special concert set consisting in 100% of songs from this album, which, in retrospect, is a breakthrough album for the artist’s career.

Kilka numerów o czymś was Małpa’s solo debut, which was distributed by Asfalt Records a year after its release and went gold three years later as the first ever unofficial hip-hop production. The album was also considered by fans and critics to be one of the best releases of 2009 on the Polish scene, so the 15th anniversary of its release is the perfect moment to relive this classic, important not only for the artist, but also for Polish hip-hop.

Once again we have planted a WROsound forest!

The campaign of the WROsound festival and the Dotlenieni start-up have reached their second edition. We have planted 1,400 tree seedlings in Osobowice in Wrocław. The idea arose in 2022, after the first year of cooperation between the festival and the Dotlenieni start-up, and was based on their previous experience in working with various environments […]