BSK is a duo of artists from Wrocław (JAY-K, FIFI), specifically its Biskupin district – vintage 01. They have been hailed as the discovery of the year 2023 by the platforms Turtle Hype and Daily Grind, and the “newonce” magazine has called them ‘diamonds in the rough’. Their musical influences include Tyler the Creator, Pharell Williams and Steve Lacy, but they also have a knack for more electronic sounds like House or UK GARAGE. In their music pieces, they try to speak out loud about the problems, joys, challenges of the younger generation. Their notes are presented in a fresh hip-hop and melodic form without being limited to one genre. They are constantly on the lookout for new sounds, mixing all the previously mentioned notes. In addition to their musical activity, they attract with other aspects, such as their overall aesthetics, the design of their covers, and the way they convey a positive message that is missing from Polish music.